JAL Has Started Studying Drones

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It’s a given that a lot of airline companies have suffered from losses this year due to the pandemic. However, JAL is looking into other sources of income and according to this article, they’re currently trying out drones carrying goods. This would be beneficial for those who are stuck or caught in a pinch because of a natural disaster. What do you think? Do you think this is a good source of income or do you think otherwise?



Today’s Fill-In-The-Blanks Quiz:

Here’s last week’s song:

(Fast forward to 1:20)

Bring a friend, join the crowd ; Whoever wanna come along

Word up, talk the talk ; Just move like we off the wall

Day or night the sky‘s alight ; So we dance to the break of dawn

Ladies and gentlemen, I got the medicine ; So you should keep your eye on the ball


Here’s this week’s song:

(Fast forward to 1:12)


I’ve been walking _______,  a _____ gone blind

Can’t stop ________ of your diamond mind

Careful creature, made _______ with time

He left her ______ with a diamond mind and those _____ eyes




Today’s Idiom:

“to be on the same wavelength”


When you have the same opinion as someone else, whether you agree or disagree with the same things, that means you two are on the same wavelength. Sometimes, we also use the phrase, “to be on the same page”.

Here’s a sample dialogue:


A: I wouldn’t be available for a meeting next week because I’ll go on a business trip, but I don’t mind having a teleconference, if that’s fine with you.

B: Actually (実は), I was thinking of the same thing. It might be easier for us to have an online meeting.

A: Alright, it’s good that we’re on the same page. Would Monday at 3 PM be convenient for you?


This phrase can be used in both formal and casual situations and for additional help, here’s a video of the same idiom explained in a simpler way:

I hope this helps!



Today’s Column:


Following last week’s news regarding a potential vaccine for COVID-19, a Chinese pharmaceutical company has also released information regarding its vaccine reaching completion. Just like the other vaccines, it claims that its efficacy (効力) is above 90%. Researchers have become positive with the situation and they hope that the vaccines would eradicate (除く) the virus before next year ends.


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