日別アーカイブ: 2021年1月14日

Find Out Indonesia’s Approach To The Pandemic

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.

The state of emergency is not extended to Gifu, Tochigi, Hyogo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

Please be careful!



Following last week’s article, we are focusing on the PM’s advances regarding the pandemic. PM Suga has asked bar and restaurant owners to close by 8 PM and those who do not abide will be publicly announced and listed. In addition to that, the PM will impose a fine (罰金). He has not disclosed (打ち明ける) how much it would be, but this would be strictly implemented, he said.



Today’s Fill-In-The-Blanks Quiz: 


Here’s last week’s song:


(Fast forward to 01:07)


We’re like diamonds  in the sky; I knew that we’d become one right away

Oh, right away; At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays

I saw the life inside  your eyes; So shine bright, tonight you and I

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky; Eye to eye, so alive


Here’s this week’s song:

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Here comes bad news ______ this and that

Well ____ me all you got, don’t ____ back

Well I should _____ warn you I’ll be just fine

No ______ to you don’t _____ your time

Here’s why



Today’s Youtube Recommendation:


This is more of something casual and inspirational. This is Leah Wei, a Youtuber based in Canada. She uses easy-to-understand English, so following what she’s saying would be easy, and what she usually talks about is something fun and highly entertaining! She usually talks about what has happened over the week, as well as some pieces of advice and tips. Also, she’s vegan, so if you want to be healthier for the year 2021, following her videos would give you some recipes on what to make the next time you want to cook something scrumptious (美味しい), yet healthy!


This is her latest vlog:

Good luck!



Today’s Column:


Apart from US President’s Trump’s second impeachment, which by the way is a first in US history, Indonesia will start vaccinations very soon. However, their approach to it is the polar opposite of most, if not all, countries. They would start vaccinating the younger population and their reasoning behind it is that the younger generation is more active compared to the elderly. They are aiming for herd immunity (集団免疫), which means that at least 60-70% of the population must be vaccinated. Another concern they’ve raised is that whether the vaccine is halal or not. Chinese pharmaceutical company disclosed that while it doesn’t have pig, it has monkeys in the vaccine.


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.







演繹 = deduct = de + duct

de(離れる)duct → 1つの理屈からダクト通って外に出る → 全ての事象に1つの


帰納 = induct = in + duct

in(中に)duct → 多くの事象から、ダクトを通って(inして)1つの真理にたどり

着く → 多くの事象から共通するものを探して、仮説を立てる



理屈1 「酒を飲むのはとても良いことである」

→ 横山礼恩は酒浸りである

→ A. 横山礼恩は日々善行を重ねている q.e.d





現実1 「酒を飲むと何も覚えてない」
現実2 「酒を飲むと大金を失う」
現実3 「酒を飲むとどこかしら怪我をする」
現実4 「酒を飲むと信頼を失う」
現実5 「酒を飲むと翌日何もできない」
現実6 「酒を飲むと痛風になる」

→ 仮説)酒は良くないかも


★ 英語学習の成否を deduction, inductionで考えてみる

Deduction (1つの理屈をあてはめる)

→ Aさんは、コツコツ音読を続ける
→ A. Aさんは英語学習に成功する q.e.d

※ これはほぼ、間違いなく起こってきました。


Aさん 「わかっちゃいるけどやれない」
Bさん 「仕事が思ったより忙しくて」
Cさん 「他にもいい方法があるのでは?迷う」
Dさん 「机に向かうとやる気が失せる」
Eさん 「先生が気に入らない」
Fさん 「コツコツ続けるのが苦手」
Gさん 「一度やめるとどうでもよくなる」
Hさん 「3日やるとどうしても飽きる」
Iさん 「やり始めると8時間くらいやっちゃう」
Jさん 「地味な作業が好きで興奮する。もっと宿題を出して欲しい」
→ 仮説)どうやら継続は普通の人はできない。



でも、英語指導の現場から inductive に見ると、