Last ESL Recommendation! Please Check It Out!

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.

Take your coats and jackets out, I think this year, we will skip autumn and straight to winter because of how cold it is!

Following the Go-To Campaign that started months ago, there is an increasing number of  travel agencies that are planning to add more to accommodate the rise in demand. I heard from a friend that even in central Tokyo, people choose to book hotels and restaurants to have a sort of “staycation”, where people stay in hotels as a vacation. I think as long as people observe proper hygiene and social distancing, there wouldn’t be any issues, however, what’s your opinion about this?



Today’s Rebus:

Here’s a brief explanation of the hint:

Well, the letters go from H to O, and the word “to” can be pronounced as “two”, as well, which means it could be written as “H2O”. In chemistry, that would be “water”!

Were you able to figure out the answer?


Here’s for this week’s rebus:




HINT: This is a little trickier than the last one. As you can see, there are numbers on both sides of the word “safety”. Don’t think too much about what the numbers could mean, instead, focus on how they are positioned and where they are.

This will be the last rebus and from next week, we’ll have a new activity!

Also, I’ll reveal the answer next week!




Today’s ESL Recommendation:


For the past few months, I have given a lot of recommendations on how to study English on your free time, even if it’s just a 5-minute break time or a commute from home to work. The last one would be, as what you may have seen above, Instagram! I recently discovered that this social media platform offers a lot of accounts and videos about learning English that are explained in Japanese. Most of them are casual phrases, but I think learning how to speak in those situations would be a good foundation before heading to speaking formally. Simply type “英語” in the search box and you’ll see a lot of learning resources!

From next week, we’ll start a new segment here!

I hope this helps!


Perfect for when you’re commuting or driving, here’s my weekly playlist recommendation:



Today’s Column:

Following my last recommendation, namely Instagram, the social platform is now enforcing influencers to clearly state if they got paid for the products they are advertising. The article was a bit vague regarding the reason, however, in my opinion, it is for the sake of being transparent and honest with consumers. This way, consumers would be more wary and cautious when it comes to what they spend their money on. 


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.