The Torch Relay Has Started!

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.

The torch relay has started weeks ago and will continue until July.

This signifies that the Olympics will officially be held this year.



Today’s Article:

Amid the pandemic, the Olympics Committee has decided to push through with their plan to hold the Games this year. The torch relay has started a few weeks back and will continue until the latter half of July. Over the 121 days of this ceremony, the torchbearers will showcase Japan’s scenic sites and locations, as well as some traditional sports. Given this, would you go out of your way to spectate the torch relay event?



Today’s Fill-In-The-Blanks Quiz:

Here’s last week’s song:


(Fast forward to 01:26)

Why am I so emotional?

No, it’s not a good look, gain some self-control

And deep down I know this never works

But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt


Here’s this week’s song:

(Fast forward to 01:20)

I just hope you’re _____ next to somebody, who _____ how to love you like me

There must be a good ______ that you’re gone

Every ____ and ____ I think you might want me to

Come show up at your _____, but I’m just too ______ that I’ll be wrong



Today’s Youtube Recommendation:

This week, we’ll be taking a more casual Youtube channel. Her name is Kelly Stamps and she’s a Youtuber who lived in New York and has recently moved to Cuba. She makes motivational videos and shares her life stories/experiences, but does it in a way that’s funny and relatable. I personally enjoy watching her videos because she explains things that I could understand and process in my head easily.


This is not her latest vlog, but what I enjoyed the most:



Today’s Column:

This news has sparked controversy last year, but has gained people’s attention again this year due to the US’ allegations in January that China has been targeting the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities. The Uighurs main product is the Xinjiang Cotton, which is found in most clothing brands, however, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which brands use them. Some brands, however, have been identified and are currently under fire for being unable to be more sustainable. People are now boycotting these brands for having the said Xinjiang Cotton, which is considered unsustainable. What do you think of this matter?


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.