Stay At Home Activities!

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for those of you who do not like snow), it didn’t snow last week! Although, it’s still getting colder by the day, so please stay warm!

The committee in charge of the Olympics will release a rule book on how to safely conduct the event. As most of you are aware, the Olympics has been canceled last year due to the Coronavirus and the organizers are strong-willed to have it this year. In the rule book, it has different “imagined” scenarios that might be the case in July. With this, they strongly believe that they would be able to handle the situation much better.



Today’s Fill-In-The-Blanks Quiz: 


Here’s last week’s song:

(Fast forward to 01:45)


We staked out on a mission to find our inner peace

Make it everlasting, so nothing’s incomplete

It’s easy being with you, sacred simplicity

As long as we’re together, there’s no place I’d rather be


Here’s this week’s song:


(Fast forward to 00:04)



If you _____ run away with me, I know a ______

And I can ___ you for a ride

I had a premonition ____ we fell into a ______

Where the _____ don’t stop for ____




Today’s Youtube Recommendation:


Following last week’s stay-home Youtube channel, is another one that would help you make your weekends at home fun! This week, I’d like to introduce a channel that I’ve been watching for months now, but admittedly, have not tried any of what she has done. This week’s recommendation is “Emma’s Goodies” and she bakes cakes and bread with easy-to-understand language and not-so complicated steps! Also, it’s fun listening to her!


This is her latest vlog:

Good luck!



Today’s Column:

Aside from the Youtube recommendation, here’s another recommendation made by theguardian. It’s a list of activities you could do at home when you’re trying to avoid the crowd on weekends! But before anything, I think studying English should be on that list, too!


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.