Tech Giants Taking Political Steps

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Happy Sunday! Right now, we have the long weekend! I hope you’re able to take the time off to relax, but still be safe.

I have asked a lot of my friends about what they think of the vaccines against Coronavirus. A few of them have said they’ll get vaccinated, but some have voiced out their concern regarding why Japan has not made their own vaccine, and at the same time, their reluctance (不本意) to get vaccinated. Apparently, it relates back to previous incidents that has happened in Japan and vaccines. Read more into it and let me know if you agree or disagree.



Today’s Fill-In-The-Blanks Quiz: 


Here’s last week’s song:

(Fast forward to 02:30)


I tiptoe, too slow; Out of the door to your house

I know you know; That this way leads me out

Outside, too bright; You’re within I’m without

You’re within


Here’s this week’s song:

(Fast forward to 01:07)


We’re like ________  in the sky; I knew that we’d ______ one right away

Oh, right away; At first ___ I felt the energy of sun rays

I saw the life ______  your eyes; So shine ______, tonight you and I

We’re _______ like diamonds in the sky; Eye to eye, so ____



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When I’m commuting, I always listen to music because I like to appreciate good music or songs I enjoy listening to. However, I’m also interested in trying out new things. So, in case you’re someone like me, I highly recommend theneedledrop, who rates and comments on new (and old) albums! He gives detailed descriptions of different albums, which would be good for vocabulary and sentence construction!

This is what I suggest you start with:


Good luck!



Today’s Column:

Following the events that occurred a few days ago in the US, major social platforms and companies are dropping those who did not do enough to prevent it from happening. For example, tech giants like Amazon and Apple are making the application “Parler” unavailable on their stores. They said it’s because Parler management didn’t filter and prevent those who grouped to protest. On another note, Twitter has permanently banned Trump’s account. What do you think of major companies taking a political step? Are you for or against it?


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.