Flying Cars by 2050? Think Again.

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.

There will be a typhoon here in Japan over the weekend.

Make sure to stock up on food and daily necessities!

This quick report says that people over the long weekend, Silver Week to be exact, have gone out to the tourist spots in Tokyo. Although alcohol-serving restaurants still closed at 10 PM, it didn’t affect the number of people who went out to stroll around the city. Others have expressed their concern regarding the current pandemic, but how about you? Do you think it’s good that people are becoming more relaxed about this or should people remain vigilant as they were a few months ago?



Today’s Rebus:

Here’s a brief explanation of the hint:

When you parent gets really angry at you and they want to explain what you did wrong and what you need to work on in order to be a better person, they would start with this phrase. Notice that the word “sit” is below and “shut” is above, and another word for “below” and “above”, would be “down” and “up”. In other words, it would be “sit down and shut up”.


Here’s for this week’s rebus:





HINT: This one’s a little difficult. This phrase has 5 words and the first word would be how many 1’s there are in this phrase. There’s “four”, right? And it sounds like the word “for”, so it would be like this “For on__ i_ m_ l___”. Good luck!

I’ll reveal the answer next week!



Today’s ESL Recommendation:

Something fun and kid-friendly for this week!

Following last week’s interactive recommendation that’s available on your phone would be this website! It’s more for those who would like to learn English through fun, simple games. It has a variety of topics to choose from, which would be good for both children and adults. They have topics like jobs and food which would be good for young learners or beginner-level students, and more difficult ones like perfect tenses and phrasal verbs for more advanced students. Try it out and see for yourself!

I’d like to add that I don’t think this works on the phone, so you’d have to try it out on your computer.


Here is this week’s study music that’s perfect for the rainy weather:



Today’s Column:

Here’s a look into what the UK is planning to do in order to achieve a net zero carbon emission by 2050. “Net Zero Carbon” means that their buildings, public utility vehicles, electricity, irrigation, etc., emit no carbon dioxide. This means a more environmentally-friendly society. I think this would be a really difficult task to complete especially because it would have to sacrifice profit and economic growth. However, if it is for the good of earth, then making sacrifices shouldn’t be so bad.


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.