Something Better than Google Translate?!

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It’s the middle of the three-day weekend! What are your plans?


A city in Gunma prefecture has started working on a vehicle that is very unconventional. It is called an automatic amphibious bus, which simply means this car doesn’t have a driver and it can be driven both on land and in water. This bus can have 40 passengers at most and will not be used for tours. They said that in the future, they want to use it to transport goods. What do you think of this invention?



Today’s Rebus:

Here’s a brief explanation of the hints:

The word “I” is underneath “stand” and if you simplify that, it would be “I” under “stand”. So when you begin to talk about and agree with someone, then you also begin to “understand” them. So, the phrase is “I understand”. Were you able to get it?

Here’s for this week’s rebus:



HINT: So, when you quit your current job and you’re looking for another job, this is the phrase you use when someone asks how you’re doing.

I’ll reveal the answer next week!



Today’s ESL Recommendation:


I understand the frustration of having to translate documents and paragraphs from Japanese to English. It feels overwhelming and exhausting. The link above is for a website called “Deep L”, which helps translate in a short time. It’s efficient and fast, but on the other hand, it’s concerning because it’s translating something online, so confidential information might be put to risk. So, I suggest using this at your own discretion. Also, even if services like these are available, it would still be best to read everything you’ve translated and study it!


Good luck and I hope this helps!

Here is this week’s study music:




Today’s Column:


Some devastating news for today, a plane has crashed in India this week. It had more than 150 passengers and at least 16 people casualties because of it. Among those were the pilots who were commended for taxiing it well. After the plane crashed, investigators noted that there was no fuel leakage, which could have caused more casualties. Even after a few hours, nobody still knows what caused the accident, but the police are on it.


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.