This Is A Ba-a-a-a-ad Situation!

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.

For today’s news, let’s start with the governmental campaign, “GoTo Campaign”.


In order to promote local tourism and support small businesses, the government has started a campaign that would incentivize local travels. This means that you will get back a certain percentage of how much you would spend traveling around Japan. However in its most recent update, Tokyo has been pulled out of the list because of the city’s increasing number of cases. Are you for or against the GoTo Campaign? How about Tokyo being pulled out from the list?



Today’s 3-Hint Quiz:

Here’s a brief explanation of the hints:

Although “Sunflowers” is one of his more popular paintings, I think “The Scream” is arguably his most famous one. If you thought of “Van Gogh”, then you got the right answer! A few weeks ago, the National Museum of Western Art and Quil F’ait Bon had a collaboration and they made Monet and Gogh inspired tarts! Were you able to check them out?

Here’s for this week’s 3-hint quiz!

Hint 1: In English, we have the acronym “ROYGBIV” to remember its parts!
Hint 2: It’s a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. (In Japanese, 大気中の水滴の中で屈折した太陽光が観察者の目には屈折回数の異なる二通りのスペクトルに別れて届くため、____があるように見えるの)
Hint 3: According to Western Folklore, they said that there’s a pot of gold at the end of this.

I’ll reveal the answer next week!



Today’s ESL Recommendation:


I am sure that we all had that time when we didn’t know the meaning of a word we read. If you’re up for a challenge and you want to learn what a word means in English and not through an English-Japanese dictionary, then I suggest using the link above. offers simplified explanations and sample sentences that would help you understand a new word. I use it for new words, too!


So in case you want to try reading the articles I add on the blog posts I write, check out, too!

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Here is this week’s study music:




Today’s Column:


For this week’s international news, we’ll cover how the wool industry is affected by the Coronavirus. Because of what’s going on in the world, wool farmers aren’t able to sell this year’s harvest. As stated in the article, the decline started since the 1950’s and they were hopeful that people will make the switch from products containing micro-plastics to a more sustainable one, but perhaps that wouldn’t happen this year, either.


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.