Japan To Ease Travel Restrictions

Good day!

It’s time for fireflies, hydrangeas, and other summer flowers!

You can enjoy them even during the situation we’re in by going to a local park or the countryside!



Today’s 3-Hint Quiz:

Here’s a brief explanation of the hints:

Actually, this yearly occasion has a bit of a twist here in Japan because on this day, only girls give something to guys, and on March 14th, it’s the other way around. However, I’ve heard that this is slowly changing in Japan, which I’m happy about! Also, of course, the color theme for Valentine’s Day would be red! Did you guess it correctly?

Here’s for this week’s 3-hint quiz!

Hint 1: Back in the 15th century, people in Persia wore this for practical reasons. Then, they came to Europe for upper-class men to appear taller and more intimidating.
Hint 2: Nowadays, this is worn by women and the most common status symbol for this would be if you bought it from Christian Loubotin.
Hint 3: This is one of the reasons why the #KuToo movement in Japan started.

I’ll reveal the answer next week!



Today’s Album:

This would actually be the last time I’ll be recommending an album! For today, I will be recommending an artist not for its lyrics entirely, but because of the music they make. “Bonobo” makes tracks that fit whatever situation you’re in. Let’s say you’re quietly pondering near the beach, there’s a song perfect for that. Or for example you’re working on something that’s due tomorrow, he has the perfect power song for that, too!

Here are my top two songs entitled, “Cirrus” and “Black Sands”.

Also, I would like to mention that all his music videos are quite intriguing, so please give them a watch!


The said album is available on most streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. The entire song list is available on Youtube, so you can check it out here: (simply go to their Youtube channel)



Stay tuned for next week’s new segment!



Today’s Column:



According to this article, Japan will ease travel bans to and from Vietnam starting from this week. This means that for people traveling, they won’t have to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine, however, they still have some restrictions when they go around the said countries. Japan is also planning to ease restrictions with New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand. How about you? What do you think of this issue? Do you think it’s too soon, perfect timing, or too late? How do you think will this affect Japan?


Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe.