A Quote from the Author of “Green Eggs and Ham”

Good day!

The government just announced that it’s highly advised to stay indoors this weekend.

What are your plans when you stay at home for the next three days?




Today’s Quote:

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

ーDr. Seuss

= Dr. Seuss is an American author who has made a lot of children’s books. More often that not, they have very peculiar stories and towards the end, you would realize the moral lesson of the story. This quote is saying that everything comes to an end. And when it does, be happy because of all the experiences and memories you made, not because of the current situation. In relation to this, I recommend a song by Ken Hirai, “Smile”.




Today’s Grammatical Point:

“Cancelled vs. Canceled”


This part was tricky/confusing for me when I was younger. I didn’t know exactly which one is correct. However, both words are actually correct! You can use them interchangeably, but I would suggest to change them depending on who you are talking to. In American English, “cancelled” is more preferred, and for British English, it would be “canceled”.


Here are more words that have different spellings, but have the same meaning:




Today’s Column:



This is a brief article about what the governor has said regarding this weekend. Most likely, you have already read an article about it already, but here’s one in English, to further practice your English skills.

Also, here’s a video about the proposal to postpone the Olympics:


Remember to take care of yourself and stock up on daily necessities!